September 9, 2019 Pinehurst, NC — We are nearing the official 2-year anniversary of opening The Cradle, our short course. With that in mind, we decided to take a look at some of the more interesting numbers – you may even call them records – set at The Cradle over the last two years:

Total Rounds:


Scoring Record, Men:

19, Jack Heath

Scoring Record, Women:

24, Gabby Weiss

Scoring Record, Junior:

21, Clark Van Gaalen

Most Hole-in-Ones, Single Round:

2, William Holcomb V*

Most Consecutive Hole-in-Ones:

2, 3rd and 4th Holes, William Holcomb V*

*NOTE: We have to note that William Holcomb’s two Cradle records came on the evening AFTER his semifinal match at the 2019 U.S. Amateur at Pinehurst. How great is that?

Fastest Round:

8 minutes, 45 seconds, Matt Barksdale and Robbie Zalzneck

Most Hole-in-Ones, All Time:

4, Robert Hoadley

Most Holes Played in One Day:

293, Robbie Zalzneck

Scoring Record, 1 Club:

27, Nick Armour, Robert Hoadley, Brian Anderson, Jack Schlemmer

Total Hole-in-Ones since Sept. 28, 2017:


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