Evolution of a Caveman – Long before the GEICO commercials, we youngsters were working on a restoration project at a course where the superintendent was not a big fan of “architects” who actually got on machinery and played in the dirt. This was fine by us, because we were not big fans of his previously over-maintained bunkers. As a result, cooperation from the superintendent and maintenance crew was minimal. Late in the afternoon on this restoration project, an idea struck Bill Kittleman during construction of a bunker. When Bill attempted to explain his thoughts in the dirt there was not a shovel or rake to be found, as the crew had already packed up and gone home. Undaunted, he picked up a stick and began to whittle away at the soil, gouging and scraping to achieve the desired effect. Bill turned to us and said, “Look at this, we are like a bunch of (expletive) cavemen out here building bunkers with sticks, this is caveman construction!” The term stuck. Caveman Construction and Bill, who has been a mentor to us, embody our fundamental principle that we are willing to use any means necessary to create the detail and character that is so important to our work.

Caveman Construction provides golf course construction services specializing in the creation of design elements crafted by artisans priding themselves in handcrafted features portraying the effects of natural beauty. The construction arm of Hanse Golf Design employs true artists of golf course construction, because, how a golf course is constructed both inside and out is what is most important, whether it be a new, restored, or renovated design.
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“Some see nature all ridicule and deformity and by these I shall not regulate my proportions; and some scare see nature at all. But to see the eyes of the man of imagination Nature is imagination itself. As a man is, so he sees.” – William Blake