May 12, 2017 – From all of us at Hanse Golf Course Design and Caveman Construction we want to take a minute to point out that this is National Thank a Golf Course Superintendent Week, and all of us should take the time to say thank you to the hardest working, most under appreciated professionals in the golf course industry.  I am proud to say that most of my best friends in the golf industry are golf course superintendents, and they work so hard to make all courses, ours included, play and look their best every day.  So Thank You, I am happy to know you and to work along side of you as we try to make golf and the grounds on which it is played the best that it can be.
– Gil Hanse
GCSAA announces “Thank A Golf Course Superintendent Week”

The Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) is encouraging all those who love golf to thank their course’s superintendent during “Thank a Golf Course Superintendent Week” May 8-14. The week will drive awareness of the great contributions golf course superintendents make to the game of golf.

Superintendents manage the largest and most valuable asset of every golf facility – the golf course. As superintendents continually strive to keep the game’s playing fields healthy and beautiful, environmental stewardship is always a primary focus. Thanks to the overall efforts of the golf industry, golf courses are using less water, employing sustainable management practices and expanding natural wildlife habitats on courses.

Some of the things that make superintendents so valuable:

  • Superintendents manage labor, materials and costs associated with keeping the course at its finest, they are also involved in the business-related activities of the facility including staffing and training.
  • Golf course superintendents guide courses to adopt water conservation practices, reduce irrigated acreage and use innovative technologies, such as targeted irrigation systems and ground moisture measurement tools, along with weather monitoring systems, providing the science to water only when and where it is needed.
  • Through the diligent work of superintendents, golf courses reduced water use by nearly 22 percent, saving $150 million.
  • Thanks to golf industry efforts, we now have turf that needs less water, is more sustainable and offers natural wildlife habitats on our courses.
  • Superintendents are highly educated and invest in continual learning and implementation of best management practices throughout their careers.

GCSAA is proud of the role its members play in providing excellent playing conditions and elevating the game. The week will include expanded coverage on Golf Channel, Sirius XM and other media. “Thank a Golf Course Superintendent Week” is also a unique time for all golfers, golf enthusiasts and clubs to recognize their superintendents and the vital role they play in the life of the golf course. Please join us in thanking our supers by sharing photos, videos and stories of memorable moments out on the course.

Use the hashtag #ThankASuper this week to help spread the message. Because if you are one of the millions who love the game of golf, thank a golf course superintendent!